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Find a Doctor near you

You can a find a doctor wherever you are and whenever you want. Get immediate information on the nearest doctors.

Consult with your doctor

It is our responsibility to connect you with your doctors and get you the consultation done with the minimum distance covered.

Secure Personal Health Records

Manage and secure your personal health records and track how you progress in living a happier and healthier life.

Find a Lab near you

Now find a lab in your area, get tests done and find your report in your Personal Health Records.

Monitor Health At Home

Get your health monitored at home by experts with a tap on your mobile.

Book Appointment with Doctors

It’s not only finding a doctor near you, but you can go ahead and book an appointment with the doctor at a time of your choice.

Easy Payments

Now pay your doctor fees more securely and without any hassles through our secured payment gateway.

Book a Homecare Package

Explore thousands of Hospitals, book a homecare package and get care at home for your near and dear ones.

An easy and simple way to live happy and healthy.

CheckUp is an initiative to make lives happy and healthy by prolonging life expectancy. Our doctors are the pillar to this initiative whose mission is to provide you consultation, monitor health, give expert advice and build deep relationship for your greater well-being.

CheckUp strives to transform the way we look at healthcare and medical assistance by providing you every solution at the tap of your fingertips. Be it finding a doctor near you or booking an appointment or having a consultation with your doctor, CheckUp is there for you.

CheckUp’s core value


Our mission is to enhance life expectancy and addressing health issues which hinders our path to a happy life.


With a tap of your finger, you can access your doctors, update your personal health records, buy medicine, consult with your doctors, ask a question to a medical expert and request monitoring your health.


Based on your profile, health goals and history you can receive feeds and information on how to progress in being happy and healthy.

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